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Why You May Benefit From Seeing a Sex Therapist

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Why You May Benefit From Seeing a Sex Therapist

A fulfilling sex life is important for overall health and wellbeing, but what happens when you’re facing anxiety, fear, or worry in the bedroom instead of pleasure? That might mean that it’s time to pay a visit to a sex therapist, a therapist who specializes in human sexuality.

While that might sound obvious, what can seem less obvious is that a sex therapist can benefit anyone, regardless of if they have issues with their sex life or not. Think of it as being similar to regular therapy — anyone can benefit from it. 

A sex therapist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist, or any other type of therapist, but what they all have in common is that they’re trained extensively in helping people overcome matters related to sex and sexuality. 

Here are some reasons you might consider seeing a sex therapist and how it can benefit you. 

  • A sexual dysfunction is greatly affecting other areas of your emotional and physical health. 

Dealing with sexual dysfunction isn’t easy. It tends to take a toll on the emotional and physical health of people who are suffering. Remember how we mentioned earlier that a fulfilling sex life is an important factor in general wellbeing? It’s no wonder that sexual dysfunction can lead to emotional hardships. A sex therapist can help you work through this by helping you identify the root cause of sexual dysfunction. 

  • You and your partner are struggling with issues surrounding intimacy and/or communication. 

Communication is key to a fulfilling sex life and relationship, so if you and your partner have hit a rough patch that’s impacting your intimacy, a sex therapist can help. Sex therapists are licensed therapists, so they will be able to listen and give you tools to strengthen your communication patterns in a way that will help lead you back to greater intimacy. 

  • You’re questioning your sexuality and/or gender identity.

Questioning your sexuality and/or gender identity may lead you to feel incredibly lonely, but there are people who can help. Turning to a sex therapist is a great idea, especially if you feel like you can’t talk about your thoughts and feelings with friends and family members. As someone who’s studied the science of human sexuality greatly, a sex therapist will be able to help you process your feelings and become comfortable living in your ‘new’ identity. 

  • You just want a better sex life. 

Maybe your sex life is already good, but it could be amazing. If your sex life is changing as you age or as your relationship progresses, a sex therapist can help you understand the changes and determine if they’re psychological or physical. Sex therapists can provide education about sex and pleasure to help you take your sex life and relationship to the next level. 

  • You’ve experienced sexual trauma. 

If you’ve experienced sexual trauma, firstly, we want to express our sympathy and empathy for you. A sex therapist can help you learn healthy ways to navigate the pain you’re feeling and trauma you’re processing. By helping you to work through sexual trauma, a sex therapist can help you to feel comfortable and confident in the bedroom. 

  • You’re experiencing shame when it comes to sex. 

A lot of people experience shame surrounding normal things, including sex. Perhaps you come from a family where sex was not talked about, abstinence was encouraged, or your religion led you to believe that pleasure is bad and reproduction is the sole point of sex. Any of these experiences, or others, can lead people to feel shame from having and enjoying sex. Simply recognizing that you feel this shame is the first step toward change.

If this sounds like you, a sex therapist will help you to process this shame and understand that sex is a healthy, normal, part of life. They will help you overcome your shame and learn to embrace your sexuality unapologetically.  

If one or more of these reasons resonates with you, it’s important to not place judgment on yourself for it, but to be open to the idea of seeing a sex therapist in order to heal. 

To find a sex therapist near you, start with a search on Google or Psychology Today. Your health insurance may cover all or some of the cost, so searching through your insurance network’s database is another good idea. 

When you’re feeling confident and are ready to electrify your sex life, be sure to stop into one of our Boudoir Noir locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville. Or, visit our online shop for lingerie, toys, enhancers, and more.

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