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Why You Should Have Sex Every Day for a Month 

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Have Sex Every day for a Month

Regardless of their beliefs on nearly any hot topic, most people can agree on one thing: they’re not having enough sex. If you’re in a monogamous relationship, you might feel like the longer you and your partner have been together, the less frequently you’re getting busy. In most relationships, that’s the case. 

If you’ve crossed the threshold into parenthood, your sex life might even be nearly nonexistent. That’s not too surprising, since changing diapers and talking your toddler into eating all of their peas isn’t exactly foreplay.

If you fall into this category, and you want to revamp your sex life, you may want to take on a challenge that can help: have sex every day for a month. Yes, every day, even on the days that you don’t want to. 

Here’s why:

  1. It will reinvigorate your relationship. 
  2. You’ll find yourselves talking about sex more, and probably even flirting more throughout the day.
  3. You’ll begin to prioritize your relationship - or move it up higher on the list.
  4. Extra cardio. Enough said! 
  5. It will help to relieve stress.
  6. You might sleep better at night.
  7. You will feel sexier and more comfortable in your own skin. 
  8. It gives you the opportunity to try new things, like different positions and role playing

There are clearly many benefits to having sex every day for a month, but actually doing the feat might still be intimidating. 

Here are a few tips to help you accomplish your goal.

  1. Schedule sex into your day. Experiment with different times, too. 
  2. Try new places - inside and outside of the house. 
  3. Sometimes a quickie is all you need.
  4. Build up to it by flirting with your partner throughout the day. This will help to put both of you in the mood. 
  5. Talk to your partner throughout the day about having sex. Whether you do it flirtingly or you share different positions you'd like to try.
  6. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or your partner. 
  7. Remember that more orgasms = more happiness, inside and outside of the bedroom.

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