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5 Date Night at Home Ideas To Spark Romance

Date Night at Home

Taking time to connect with your partner both inside and outside of the bedroom is critical to building a strong relationship. Going on regular dates is key, but planning outings outside of your home can get expensive. 

With a little bit of planning and the right tools, you can turn your home into a great date spot. Here are five awesome in-home date ideas to help you and your partner turn up the romance - without leaving the house. 

Candlelit Spa Night

One of the most sensual things that you and your partner can do together is have an in-home spa night.

Start the night with a warm bubble bath by candlelight complete with strawberries and champagne.

Once you’ve loosened your muscles in the warm water, treat one another to a slow and sexy massage. Head over to the bed in your candlelit room and spread some oil or lotion on your partner’s back, legs, arms, and neck. Apply pressure while rubbing your hands down his/her body, and let them enjoy. Once you’ve touched their whole body, it’s time to switch and enjoy getting massaged yourself. Relax and enjoy the sensual romance and wherever your massage might lead. 

Love Games

Some friendly competition is a fun and exciting way to bring you and your partner closer together! Break out the board games, mix up some game-themed cocktails, and lay a friendly wager on each game. Let the competitive spirit boost your energy. You can add some sexiness by turning it into a strip wager so both of you end up sans-clothing before the end of the night. 

Cook Dinner Together

It can be fun and sexy to cook dinner together — and you can add some extra flavor by cooking a brand new-to-you recipe. Bring the cooking class home with you by searching YouTube for at-home cooking classes. There are tons of videos for all different types of cuisines out there. Plan your date by choosing a new recipe you both will enjoy. Go shopping for all of the ingredients you need, then open a bottle of wine and make something delicious together. 

Romantic Movie Night

Remember those old school movie nights complete with a big batch of buttery popcorn and lots of candy at the theater? Recreate this experience at home with some movie-theater style popcorn, nostalgic candy, and a snuggle sesh on the couch with a romantic movie. That’s the best part — no uncomfortable theater chairs to deal with. After the movie, indulge in some ice cream or dessert and recreate romantic movie scenes with your partner. 

Bring The Outdoors In

Who says you can’t pitch a tent or build a blanket fort in your living room? No one, that’s who! Bring the outdoors in by setting up camp in your living room! Put away the electronic devices and enjoy a night purely in each others’ presence. Build a fire in your fireplace and roast smores, put on some music and just enjoy each other.

If you feel particularly outdoorsy, you can also go camping in your backyard. Enjoy a night under the stars with an outdoor firepit and a cozy blanket for two. It’s all the fun of a camping trip with the comfort of indoor plumbing a few yards away.

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