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Celebrate World Sexual Health Day This September 4th

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Celebrate World Sexual Health Day This September 4th 

One of our favorite holidays is coming up soon, and no it’s not Christmas. 

World Sexual Health Day, a day of awareness for sexual health and personal sexual pleasure, is September 4th. This year’s theme is Let’s Talk Pleasure. Yes please! 

Although sexual pleasure has been proven as a basic human need, talking about this need and how to fulfil it is often laced with shame and guilt. As your partner in pleasure, Boudoir Noir is committed to stopping the stigma and making sexual pleasure a normal topic of conversation. That’s what World Sexual Health Day is all about, and we are here to celebrate! 

The need for sexual pleasure is part of the human experience. It’s as necessary as food, shelter, and exercise. It helps us to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies and helps us build intimacy with our partner — an important basic need of the human experience. 

Here are some ways that you can join us in celebrating World Sexual Health Day this year: 

Talk about sexual health 

One way to crush a stigma is to normalize the conversation. By opening up the conversation about sexual health and pleasure as a basic human need, you’re paving the way for others to do the same. 

Prioritize your pleasure 

Be sure to schedule some time in your day for sexual pleasure! Whether with a partner or solo, remember to take care of this need. It can be easy to get so focused on the daily hustle and bustle of life. Making pleasure a priority will make you a happier, healthier person.

Explore new pleasure possibilities

A great way to celebrate Sexual Health Day is to bring home a new toy or try out a new position or kink in the bedroom. Bonus points if you recommend a toy you love to a friend so he or she can explore new pleasure possibilities, too. 

Whatever you are interested in trying in the bedroom, Boudoir Noir has something that can help you increase your pleasure! Shop online or visit one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville. 

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