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Electro sex, electro stim, electrical play, e-stim: all ways to refer to erotic electrostimulation. Sound a little exciting and maybe a little scary? Boudoir Noir is here to guide you through the ins and outs of e-stim, eliminate confusion, and help you find the best products to really get the sparks flying (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

The first thing you need to know is you don’t have to be afraid of e-stim! It can be a painless, safe, and completely gratifying addition to erotic play. It’s not just used in BDSM to induce pain. Whether alone or with a partner, e-stim can take pleasure to a whole new level. The products are easy to use and completely safe as long as you follow a few guidelines.

So how does it work? Erotic Electro stimulation, or e-stim, uses various types of devices to apply a low electrical current to different parts of the body that will induce sexual stimulation. The currents are usually applied to the genital areas and nipples. It can not only induce orgasms, but it can increase the intensity of them. There are two categories of e-stim products, the violet or neon wand, and the TENS unit. We'll briefly review both of these categories and give you some helpful product and usage tips.


The electric wand, more commonly known as the violet or neon wand, is a hand held device that delivers varying degrees of currents. A variety of glass attachments placed on the device transmit an arc of electricity from the device onto the skin. As the current travels through the glass attachments it glows like a neon sign, hence the name. The sensation of this product is comparative to that of a static shock. The wand is a surface stimulant only and not meant to actually touch the skin, nor is it to be used internally. The strength levels of the electric current can be adjusted from creating a light tickling or warming sensation to a more intense and painful needle-like pricking sensation. Neon wands are much more affordable, easier to use, and have a longer use time than the violet wand. Visit our website or any of our four locations to get your hands on one of these!

Kinklab Red Handle Neon Wand



TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. If you’ve ever had an injury requiring physical therapy, you may have already had your first taste of what these devices do. TENS units were originally created to help alleviate pain by stimulating muscles and nerves beneath the skin. Eventually some very smart person came up with a very great idea, and here we are!

The TENS unit is made up of a power supply box and electrode pads. The power box controls the current and allows you to adjust the strength of the pulse, the length of the pulse, and the frequency of the pulse. The pads are placed in the desired area and the current passes between the pads and stimulates the area. This sensation goes deeper than the neon wand and creates sensations from a buzzing on a lower setting to a pulse or throbbing on higher settings. Again, if you like a little pain, crank it up to create a sharp pinching sensation. The electrode pads can be placed on numerous places and can even be used by both partners during forplay and intercourse.

The best part about this toy is that you can also use it internally with a variety of attachments such as dildos, butt plugs and nipple clamps. Sensations can be enhanced even further with conductive gel. The gel also ensures a good connection between the accessory and your skin.

Electrastim Medium Rocker


Mystim Ticking Truman eStim Vibrator


Zeus Electrosex Gel


TENS units are available with either analog or digital control boxes. Those who are looking for alittle more control over the settings may prefer an analog model. But whatever model you choose it is important to follow the product instructions and safety warnings. These units can be fun and completely harmless, but there a few circumstances in which an individual should steer clear of them. If you have a pacemaker, any form of electronic medical implant, a heart condition, or are pregnant you should not use these products. These products should also never be placed across the heart or over the neck, face, or head. If you are unsure if you should use these products seek the advice of your physician first.

For beginners and seasoned users alike we recommend a few different units. Click the images below for more information. Let Boudoir Noir help you electrify your nights with the latest and greatest in e-stim technology!

Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy


MyStim PureVibes


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