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Vacation Sex: Everybody’s Doing It!

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“I need a VACATION!!!” Life. Sometimes it’s busy, hard, exhausting, never-ending and extremely on-the-go. Our minds swirl full of thoughts from our day, worries, demands, and other people’s needs, rarely stopping to focus on what would calm our own souls down. The routine of life so frequently forces intimacy and sex out that sometimes a vacation is just what the doctor ordered to get things back on track! And ironically enough, vacation sex is often the kinkiest, hottest sex around! Whether it’s a hotel room in a distant romantic city like Paris, the beautiful white sandy beaches around the USA, or a trip to the local Super 8, experts say any of these destinations will boost your libido, and help put you in the mood for some serious lovin’ action! Results from Expedia’s Heat Index* travel study showed twenty-eight percent of Americans were friskier with their partners while on vacation! Almost sixty-five percent of people surveyed stated the hotel was their go to place for their “intimate rendezvous.” The beach, rental cars, and tents were all also listed on the survey for top vacation nookie spots between couples, and for singles meeting up only for a fling, or hook-up. If you’re wondering if the beach is better than the city for an intimate vacation, twenty-nine percent of survey takers stated that the beach made them feel sexier, regardless if it was an international vacation, or simply to a stateside beach. Turning away from the normal routine can open up the psyche, and allow for new experiences and pleasures to take the place of the old. Being out of your own surroundings in the most relaxed settings while on vacation can help shed any unwanted inhibitions. Vacations allow you to try on a new identity in a new hotel, while you stumble across new features, amenities, and of course, each other. Vacation Sex! What are you waiting for?! Get out there and try it!

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