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Fetish Friday - Temperature Play

Fetish Friday

Fetish Friday Temperature Play

Hot, warm, cold. Cold, warm. Cold! Hot! So Hot!

Have you ever stopped to think about how our bodies react to temperature stimuli? What happens to a nipple when an ice cube is rested gently upon it? When we hurt ourselves and pull or twist a muscle, we are told to apply heat or cold, or both, to the area to help ease and relax the muscle tension. In simpler terms, think of what happens to your body when you get cold. Not just a little cold, but really, really shivering. Certain areas of skin tighten, contract, and pull reacting to the temperature change. Now when you get hot; sweltering, sweaty, humid, and heavy hot. Your skin is clammy, wet or chilled to the touch, muscles and skin relax and become more pliable and stretchy.

Temperature play is a style of fetish play that focuses on the temperatures of objects, and warming or cooling the intimate or body parts being focused on. For many, simply cooling or heating a toy will push them over the edge of orgasmic play. Chilling certain types of vibrators, dildos, and bullets in a bowl of ice water drops the temperature creating an entirely different feel from the same old toy. The same can happen when dipping the toy into a bowl of hot water, although, you would never want to use boiling water.

Taking the heating and cooling to another level, try one of the lubrications that has a specific feature: warming, cooling, or tingling. Lubes are great for self-discovery time, foreplay with your partner, and of course, sex. Remember that with any toy play, you should aim for the water-based lubrication variety. If you're looking for more natural lubes that also have these factors, you're in luck! There are a few great brands offering pH balanced lubes and they are generally amazing products!

As with all types of fetish play, it is best to discuss with your partner before attempting anything new to ensure that all parties involved are willing and able. With a blindfold and the right ambiance, temperature play can be one of the most sensual and exciting times between you and your partner.

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