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How Lube Can Change Your Sex Life

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How Lube Can Change Your Sex Life

Lube can be your saving grace in the bedroom, reducing some of the not-so-great parts of sex and increasing pleasure. Honestly, it is a complete game changer for all kinds of sexual activity, and we’ll walk you through the reasons why. 

It combats vaginal dryness

The first and most obvious way that lube can change your life is by helping to combat vaginal dryness. This is no surprise to most, so that’s why it begins our list.

Women of all ages face vaginal dryness on occasion (or sometimes frequently) as a result of hormones, prescription medications, stress, and a number of other possibilities. It’s perfectly normal for women to lack natural lubricant from one time or another, so adding an artificial one will do you wonders.

Even if you're not suffering from dryness, natural vaginal lubricant can sometimes be a bit sticky, so lube can help to ease the friction caused by penetration.

It reduces friction - less risk of injury

Using a lubricant helps to reduce friction during sexual contact. This reduction in friction makes it less likely that you or your partner will experience any soreness or cuts while you're getting down.

Believe it or not, this does happen often! If it’s never happened to you, chances are that it’s happened to your partner or best friend before. 

It can help prevent condoms from breaking 

Another benefit of reduced friction during sex is that condoms are less likely to break. Most condoms have some degree of lubrication, but that is not enough for most couples. A broken condom can lead to STIs and/or pregnancy, so lube up to keep it as safe as possible! 

It makes anal play easier 

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce a natural lubricant. Although a lot of porn has made us think otherwise, anal penetration and play can be incredibly painful without the help of lube. If you’ve never tried anal play before, start slowly with a dollop of lube on just the tip of a finger or a small toy. Don’t be afraid to add more lube as you continue exploring anal play. 

It increases pleasure all around 

Let’s face it - using lube can increase pleasure for both partners! Not only does it increase physical pleasure by eliminating friction and letting things slide more easily, but it takes away the anxiety that comes along with vaginal dryness - a win/win for everyone! 

It can change your masturbation, too

Lube isn’t just for partner play! Try it out during your next solo session, too! Girls and guys alike will love it, especially if you’re using toys.

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