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How to Have the Best Car Sex

Car Sex

How to Have the Best Car Sex 

You may have thought that your car sex days were over once you left high school or college. Honestly, we thought we were in the same boat until we found ourselves in a car in the middle of nowhere and feeling frisky.

From that experience, we learned that there are a lot of other people out there who are still getting busy in the back seat, so we wanted to talk about it to help you have your best ‘Kate and Jack, Titanic backseat love scene.’

Avoid the driver’s seat 

We have heard so many stories of people accidentally lying on the horn (pun intended) while doing the deed and waking the neighbors or literally bringing a whole group of churchgoers outside. Clearly, the steering wheel can get in the way, so it's best to avoid the driver seat when you're getting frisky in the car.

Depending on the type of car that you have, you want to figure out your best options. Cowgirl or missionary in the front passenger seat usually works, especially when the car is well-hidden from others passing by. 

If you’re in a pickup truck, it goes without saying that the bed of the truck might be your best bet.

Most sedans allow you to fold your back seats down to extend your trunk, so why not try that the next time you're getting frisky in your Camry?

If you have an SUV, putting your seats down will give you the largest amount of space. If you don't have the time to deal with moving seats because you really, really need to get it done then and there, a good old-fashioned backseat session will be the way to go. 

Use your clothing as props

If you’ve ever had sex in the car before, you know just how uncomfortable it can be. Seatbelts aren’t exactly soft and cushy, nor are car doors.

Instead of dealing with the buckle digging into your back, try this. Once you've taken your clothes off, don't throw them too far away. They can be used to help make you more comfortable by providing some padding between your head and the car door, or even propping up your hips to make it a little bit easier to get into the positions you need.

If this is something that you engage in frequently, you might want to start keeping some blankets in the trunk or backseat just to make things a little more comfortable while you're back there. If you know beforehand that you might find yourself in this situation, use this knowledge to your advantage by putting on layers and bringing accessories such as scarves that can be used for different things throughout the deed. A puffy coat is practically the same as a comfy blanket.

Missionary is your best friend 

When getting after it in the car, sticking to the basics are your best bet. This is not the time to get fancy with positions or try too many new things. Wherever you are in the vehicle, missionary is likely going to be the easiest and most comfortable position for everyone involved. Save your experimentation for the bedroom.

It’s a sprint, not a marathon  

There are times that sex should be long lasting, sensual, and with a big focus on foreplay... and then there's car sex. Car sex is best done as a sprint, not a marathon. 

Even if you’re totally prepared for car sex, with all the right clothing props and best positions, it can be uncomfortable because of the small space you’re working with. There's nothing wrong with a quickie, and if you're going to have a quickie, the car is most definitely a great place for it.

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