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How to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom

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How to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom 

You may turn to your vibrator when you’re on a solo mission for the night, but have you and your partner experimented with sex toys together yet? Sex toys are a great way to spice things up, push your limits, and experience the thrill of something new, all while strengthening your bond and connection.

 But, like most new things, a lot of people are unsure of how to get the conversation started and uncomfortable at the thought of trying. We want it to be a very positive step for you and your partner to take, so we are here to help you every step of the way. In this post we will give you some tips on how to bring sex toys into your bedroom.

Approach the topic in a way that makes sense to your relationship dynamic

As with all relationship matters, communication is key! If you and your partner don’t typically talk about sex outside of the bedroom, you might want to start there. If you never talk about sex but jump right into bringing toys into the bedroom, the conversation might not go well. In that case, you want to start by opening the communication lines about sex slowly. If you and your partner have great communication and frequently talk about sex outside of the bedroom, you might not have a problem jumping right into the deep end. You know your relationship best, so be sure to ease into the conversation if you need to.

Talk through the specifics of what you are comfortable with 

When it comes to sex toys, there are tons of different kinds to choose from. Talk with your partner about the type of toys that would excite each of you, and go from there. Many couples prefer to start with toys that both partners can enjoy together, like cock rings or even remotely controlled bullet vibrators. Others are more comfortable experimenting with things like anal stimulators and other toys directed at her pleasure.

Go shopping together

Continuing along with your great communication, we suggest you come into one of our stores together or sit down online together to shop. This ensures it’s truly a joint decision and you will both get to have the best experience. Bonus: talking and thinking about how you’ll use particular toys before you can actually do so will be a major turn on.

When talking about it, focus on how toys will add to the experience, not replace your partner

No one wants to feel left out or insufficient - especially in the bedroom - so remember not to focus all of your attention and praise on the toy. Compliment your partner and make sure you help him or her feel sexy and loved during and after. If a toy helps you be even more into your partner, chances are, he or she will love it!

Keep at it

Don’t expect things to be perfect the first time you try! Be sure to communicate about what worked, what didn’t, and keep the conversation going about what you’d like to do differently or try next time.

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