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Looking to Enhance the Oral Sex Experience?

Oral Sex

Looking to Enhance the Oral Sex Experience?

By: Javay - The Millennial Sexpert

Are you looking to up oral sex in your life, be it as the receiver or the giver? Well, you are in the perfect place. Here you will get some information on how lube can help make oral sex more pleasurable, tricks to help blow your partner’s mind, and what toys to use for an oral sex experience by yourself. 

Lube & Oral Sex

Now you may be wondering, “why do you need lube when using your mouth and you have saliva?” Well, there are a few different reasons. The first being that saliva evaporates and dries rather quickly. It also doesn’t have the same consistency as lube, which means it isn’t as slippery. Saliva can also throw off the pH of the vagina and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Though the mouth does produce a form of lubrication with saliva, there are better options. Using flavored lube makes it so there’s a little bit of razzle dazzle. If you enjoy fruity taste, I recommend Wicked Sweet Peach Flavored Lube, or if you want something less fruity the Wicked Salted Caramel Flavored Lube might be up your alley.  Lube is particularly helpful during oral sex on the penis as it offers some coating to make sliding in and out of the mouth and throat a little easier. 

Tricks for When You’re the Giver

When performing oral sex everyone is different, but there are a few tried and true tricks that work on most people or for most people. If you are performing oral on a penis and want to minimize your gag reflex, you can use a throat numbing spray or you can tuck your thumbs into your palm–yes it works, trust me. Now you have probably heard the suggestion of just spelling the alphabet when performing oral sex on a vulva and you can give that a whirl, some people do enjoy it, but there are some other techniques you might want to try. The first is to stimulate all the parts of the vulva, not just the clitoris. So put your tongue to work on the inner and outer labia, the vaginal opening, and of course the clitoris. If you need a refresh on the parts of the vulva to see the different parts you can stimulate, check out this graphic. Now when it comes to the anus the best tip is to go slow. For many people anal stimulation is a new thing so you want to take your time as you toss the salad so that the person on the receiving end can stay comfortable and relaxed so it is an enjoyable experience.

Toys That Simulate Oral Sex

There are times when we are by ourselves and oral sex is all we are wanting and if you have ever been in that situation, then you know how bad it can be. This is where oral sex stimulationsimulation toys come in handy, they are toys that essentially provide suction, as if someone is sucking on the clitoris. If you have never tried an oral sex simulator testing the waters is a good idea, because the stimulation can be too much for some. If you have never tried suction before Tt The Satisfyer One Night Stand is a great way to try it out. If you are experienced with suction the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 is a doozy of a toy, it adds vibration to the suction for ounces of pleasure. 

The world of oral sex is wide open with a lot of avenues for experiencing pleasure. And just because it is oral sex, doesn’t mean safer sex practices shouldn’t be thought about. You can use external condoms for oral sex on the penis, dental dams or Lorals latex underwear for oral sex on the vulva and the anus. Not matter what form or oral sex you engage in, don't forget the lube and remember not to switch from anal oral play to penile or vulva oral play.

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