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National Orgasm Day 2016


Woman orgasm

Sometimes they are elusive and mysterious. Other times they are robust, thrilling, mood-shifting, and mind numbing. Some are lucky enough to find them every time they seek them, and others search the corners of the darkest (and brightest) rooms to feel just one. Do you know what this thing is that so many seek to achieve? It’s an orgasm!

An orgasm is defined as, “the point during sexual activity when sexual pleasure is strongest” in most all standard dictionaries. Truth is, an orgasm is different to everyone. From the way they are achieved, to the way they end up feeling. Our bodies are capable of having over 7 types of orgasms, which is helpful for those who cannot achieve a “normal” orgasm from penetrative intercourse.

There are a few things you can do, try, and use to push your orgasms into a new realm of pleasure, or to experience one for the first time! First things first: you MUST clear your head! One of the biggest “stoppers” in finding your release with orgasm is having mental blocks. This could mean stressors from the week, issues from the past, or just an insanely busy life and whirring mind- all of these and more can completely prevent you from finding that amazing release, and calming O! Here are a few other tips and tricks for making sure your orgasm is explosive!

-Utilize sex toys! Certain toys can provide direct stimulation and vibration that you may need to help your body relax, and excite! Vibrators, arousal creams and gels, or even hands-free stimulating devices can apply direct contact and pulsation to the clitoris, testicles, or other specified pleasure zones of the body.

-Masturbate! Using your fingers, hands, toys, or your partner, make sure you are testing out new positions, and methods! The more you practice, the better your body will react to pleasure-filled situations in general. And the more you’ll know your body’s true likes and quick turn ons. If you masturbate with toys, try edging with your favorite toys at a constant speed to build tension. Edging is the act of bringing someone almost to orgasm, and stopping the act before climax is achieved. OH, and don’t forget to test out that shower head, ladies! You’re welcome.

The important thing to remember is to relax, and enjoy every step of the path to finding your pleasure release, and orgasm! The body is capable of many things, and while some may not follow the “normal” path to release, there is always a way to find those robust, thrilling, explosively smile-inducing orgasms we all need!

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