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Choosing the Right Lube

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Choosing the Right Lube

Slip Slidin’ Away…. Do you know that song? It seems appropriate when discussing lubrication, and the multitude of kinds available. There are a few things you should know and consider when making your lubrication selection. Did you know there are different types of lube? And that they are made for different “types” of intimate acts? We’ll go through the most important information about the most common styles of lubrication.

Wicked Sensual Care Toy Love

Water Based Lube - You might’ve heard before, “water-based is best.” That is a pretty true statement! Water based lube is the choice to make if you’re adding any toys into your routine. It is made to be safe for toys, is easy to clean, and works very well to help moisten dry, intimate skin. It also works fabulously for sex, too! While water based is not made to last in water, many brands available today are long lasting in normal conditions, and are made of safe ingredients. Shop water based lubes.


Sensuva Silicone Lube

Silicone Lube - Silicone lubrication is not safe for many toys, as its chemical make-up can break down and “kill” other silicone or similarly made items. Silicone lube is great for water sex, whether it be in the shower, the hot tub, or the pool. Silicone lube is thicker, lasts a bit longer, and acts as a thicker protection for sensitive skin. Shop Silicone Lubes.

Pjur Anal Lube

Anal Lubrication - Anal lubrication is made especially for anal play and anal sex. A thick lube, most often with desensitizers, it is made to last through the specific penetration that occurs during this type of sex. This does not numb the feeling of fullness, or internal pressure that comes with anal intercourse and stimulation. Those made with desensitizers simply take the initial sting out of those first moments of insertion. Anal lubrication is always recommended when anal play or sex is happening. Other lubrications are great, but not made for this type of sex! Shop Anal Lubes.

Flavored Lube

Flavored Lubes - These lubes are great for oral sex, and lickable body massages! For those practicing their oral skills, sometimes flavoring things to your favorite fruit, dessert, or beverage can make the experience a completely different one for both parties involved! Shop Flavored Lubes.


Hybrid Lubes - Newest on the market, hybrids are made by mixing water-based and silicone lubes together. Getting the best of both sides of the lube market. Lasts on the skin a little longer than water-based and easier to wash of than most silicones. Shop Hybrid Lubes.

 Wicked Sensual Care Hybrid

The type of lubrication you choose should best match the type of sex or stimulation you plan to have. If you’re masturbating, having sex, or using toys with your partner, a water based lube may work the best. If you’re playing in the bathtub, or the pool, silicone’s thick, long-lasting make-up would be what you would select. If you’re going down, try a little flavoring, and if you’re going in the back door, please use the lubes made for anal sex!

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