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Our Favorite Masturbators

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 Our Favorite Masturbators

For penis owners, regular ejaculation may lead to loads — no pun intended — of health benefits. 

Masturbation is amazing for both mental and physical health with perks like a decreased risk of prostate cancer, better sleep, and a decreased risk of heart disease. 

With that being said, most men, ahem, 92%, masturbate regularly. But, according to a study conducted by Indiana University, only about 45% of men are using sex toys. 

Sex toys can increase your pleasure solo or with your partner. They’re a fun, new way to enhance sensations and maybe even feel something completely different. If you haven’t tried using sex toys, we highly recommend you give it a whirl! 

When it comes to sex toys designed for males, masturbators are a common option. Masturbators are an incredible self-pleasure option for penis owners. With a vagina-like feel, these are as close to the real thing as you can get. Some of them even offer a realistic appearance for those who enjoy that visual. Masturbators are easy to use — think of them as a warm, tight extension of your hand. 

One word of advice: Don’t forget to use plenty of lube! 

Here are some of our favorite masturbators: 

Satisfyer Men Heat & Vibration 

This toy is actually a head stimulator rather than a stroker. It offers the ability to use rocking and rotating movements in addition to your classic up and down motions. It vibrates and warms to bring you to the best of orgasms, even in the shower due to its waterproof nature. It’s easy to hold and a great addition to partner play, as well! 

Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty 

This gal is about as realistic as they get! With two points of entry and a human look, you’ll soon forget that you’ve made it to orgasmic bliss on your own! Her spankable butt and soft “skin” will be perfect to guide you to pleasuretown. Inside of her you will find pleasure beads and ribbing for you to enjoy. You can even add a bullet vibrator to this one if you choose! 

 Adam & Eve Vibrating & Sucking Stroker

This one was designed with you in mind. The vacuum-sucking technology is absolutely going to drive you wild! It can provide pulsing and suction — either together or separately — so you can customize your pleasure and get as close as you’d like to to the real oral sensations you love. It’s full of pleasure nibs inside of the sleeve — something that you can’t say about your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mouth! 

Satisfyer Men’s Classic

The Men’s Classic by Satisfyer is your traditional pocket pussy style masturbator, but don’t let that deter you! It offers a discreet design that allows you to easily take your pleasure on the road. The realistic inside is great for stimulating your entire penis in a life-like way that will lead you to the brink of orgasm in no time! 

Zero Tolerance the Vortex Stroker

It’s called the Vortex for a reason! This stimulator offers two sides of pleasure with a tight ring just where you need it. It offers a real-life squeeze in an easy to carry and store package. Choose between each of the channels filled with pleasure beads and nobs for the perfect masturbation session, no matter your mood or preference. 

Gender X Barrel of Fun Double Side Stroker

Another toy offering two sides of the pleasure, the Barrel of Fun is going to send you into orgasmic bliss in the blink of an eye. The barrel-style design is discrete and unsuspecting, but once you pop the covers off you’ll enter a tube of pleasure bubbles designed to feel like the real deal. It has 12 vibration settings, so it’s guaranteed to satisfy you! 

When you’re ready to up your masturbation game, head into one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville or shop our online store at We can’t wait to help you achieve maximum solo pleasure!

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