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No, You Won’t Go Blind. The Truth Behind the Masturbation Myths You’ve Heard

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 No, You Won’t Go Blind. The Truth Behind the Masturbation Myths You’ve Heard

Masturbation often goes unspoken about, but what’s worse is that when masturbation is discussed, inaccurate information is often shared.

Overall, masturbation is a normal, natural and safe activity to engage in. People of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and relationship statuses masturbate. If it’s something you want to do, there’s no reason you shouldn’t, despite any myths you may have heard. 

Here are some of the common myths about masturbation, debunked! 

Masturbation Myth 1: You’ll go blind if you masturbate too often

This myth is completely untrue — you won’t go blind if you masturbate too often. While we don’t know the origins of this myth, we do know that it was created in order to spread fear and attempt to stop the masses from leaning into sexual arrousal. If this has been keeping you from doing the deed, it’s time to shove that fear to the side! 

Masturbation Myth 2: It is only for single people

While you may have heard the myth that masturbation is only for single people or may have felt slighted when your romantic partner revealed that they had some solo fun, masturbation is for anyone, regardless of relationship status. In most relationships, the people involved have varying sex drives and stress can sometimes get in the way of getting intimate together. Plus, sometimes couples spend time apart, like when one person is traveling. Both are great reasons to give yourself some pleasure! 

Masturbation Myth 3: Masturbation is wrong, dirty, or any other negative term

As a romance and fantasy boutique, this is one that particularly gets to us. Countless people are fed this myth from young ages due to strict parents, religious beliefs, or a number of other reasons. We can assure you with full confidence that masturbation is not only normal, but a common part of life! We are on a mission to normalize masturbation for those who feel shame around engaging in solo time. If it’s hard for you to overcome these deep rooted feelings of shame or negativity around masturbation, consider seeing a sex therapist to work toward a healthier mindset surrounding sex. There’s a lot of good that comes out of regular solo play. 

Masturbation Myth 4: It can lead to Erectile Dysfunction 

The myth that masturbation can lead to Erectile Dysfunction is a particularly dangerous one because it’s spreading inaccurate medical information. Erectile Dysfunction is not linked to masturbation. We are going to keep this answer as simple and straightforward as possible. Penis owners, you have nothing to worry about! 

Masturbation Myth 5: Masturbating is bad for you

Not only is masturbation safe as long as you are educated and responsible with the tools you use, but it’s actually healthy. Aside from being the safest form of sex possible — there’s never a risk of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection — it also has legitimate health benefits for both men and women. 

Masturbation Myth 6: Only lonely people masturbate

The bottom line is that all different types of people masturbate — it’s certainly not just for any one type of person. With that being said, if you enjoy solo pleasure, it doesn’t mean that you’re lonely. Masturbation is a normal part of most people’s lives, regardless of their relationship status. 

As you can see, it’s time to say goodbye to masturbation myths and begin embracing solo play for what it is: a great opportunity to love ourselves and our bodies. 

When you’re ready to expand your masturbation toolkit, be sure to stop in to one of our Boudoir Noir locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville or shop from our online boutique. We have loads of products for him and for her. Our best advice when it comes to masturbation is to always use enough lube!  

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