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Curvaceous and Captivating: A New Look for Queen Size Lingerie

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We are seeing a change in the way the world and women view their bodies. Women aren’t sticks (with the exception of a few here and there…and that’s okay). Women are curvy. And at Boudoir Noir we know that curves are beautiful. More and more we are seeing a true representation of the average women in the fashion and lingerie world. Major fashion magazines and major clothing brands are choosing models with more realistic figures to represent them. We are seeing that women around the world are accepting their curves and in fact, celebrating them. Body positivity movements have spread the word about loving your body and showing it off no matter your size.

Many clothing brands have picked up on this trend of body positivity, and see that the queen size women is happy with her figure, and guess what, is not trying to change it! And guess what else? She wants to show that figure off and isn’t satisfied doing it in a boring, unflattering, colorless look. She wants style, color, and fun in her wardrobe. Lingerie manufacturers have picked up on this as well, the result being not only a wider selection of plus size pieces, but a more exciting design as well.

The past designs of queen size lingerie provided a little tease while mostly concealing. Cover the belly, cover the behind, and keep the colors simple and typically dark. The looks were “cute”, but lacked a true sex appeal. Today designers are seeing that queen size women are not only comfortable with their bodies, but want to show them off. As a result we are seeing more vibrant colors, less coverage, and an overall sexier design.

Another great change in queen size lingerie is that designers are now more focused on proper construction and design. They are not just taking a standard sized piece and making it larger. What works on a size 6 doesn’t necessarily work on a size 16. It doesn’t mean the piece has to cover more, it just means it covers in different places and supports in different ways. A size 6 woman with a B cup doesn’t need underwire support in her teddy, but a size 16 woman with a DD cup will.

One more great change in queen size lingerie is pricing. The laws of supply and demand strike again! With a historically limited selection, suppliers could charge a pretty penny for queen size pieces. With the increase in the number of suppliers today, they need to be more price conscious, which means savings for you in the end.

At Boudoir Noir we see different shapes and sizes of women come into our stores every day. We know that shopping for lingerie can sometimes be a daunting task, but the payoff is oh so sweet. We also know that queen size women are looking for that fun and sexy piece the same as any other woman would. Because of this we carry just as large of a queen size lingerie selection as standard size. We love curves, we celebrate them, and celebrate the women who like to show them off.

Stop in to any of our three locations or visit our online selection today to see our wide selection of queen size lingerie featuring designs by Popsi, Coquette, and Ooh La La Cherie. Our buyers have searched far and wide for some of the sexiest pieces that are sure to steam things up in the bedroom. Don’t hide those curves, show them off, and let Boudoir Noir help!

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