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Sideways Oral — It's a Thing. Here’s Why You Should Explore the Kivin Method

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 Sideways Oral — It's a Thing. Here’s Why You Should Explore the Kivin Method

We're pretty sure we can all agree on one thing: most people enjoy oral sex. Oral sex is traditionally awesome, but what if we told you that there was a way to make it even better?

There’s a fun way to try cunnilingus to make it even more intense and wonderful. It's called the Kivin Method.

Otherwise known as ‘sideways oral,’ the Kivin Method is for vulva owners. If once you heard ‘sideways oral’ you pictured 69-ing on your side, you’re not alone. The Kivin Method is different, though. 

In the Kivin Method, the vulva-owning receiver will lay on their back. The giver will then place their body perpendicular and the receiver will likely wrap their leg around the giver’s back. 

Picture a T-shape where the giver is the stem and the receiver is the top line. 

Why does the Kivin Method feel so good? We’ll tell you: 

This angle allows for stimulation to more of the vulva. 

While traditional oral tends to focus on the clitoris and involves the giver being straight between the receiver’s legs, sideways oral allows more of the vulva to be involved. Licking the labia will provide a unique sensation your partner might love. 

It allows easy access to the back door. 

If your partner enjoys anal stimulation, this position is a great one. From this perpendicular position, it’s easy to stimulate the back door with your finger. 

More intense clitoral stimulation.  

From this angle, the clitoris is naturally stimulated in a side to motion, compared to the up and down motions of traditional oral and 69. If you’re the giver, this allows you to touch more nerve endings of the clitoris and therefore will drive your partner wild. 

Many vagina-owners need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm — or say it makes an orgasm feel even better — and the Kivin Method is known for allowing the person receiving the oral to often orgasm quickly. 

Works well with a position pillow.

If you really want to take the experience to the next level, add in a position pillow. The person on the receiving end of oral can slide a position pillow under their hips to add more space between their leg and the bed. 

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