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Hot & Steamy Shower Sex!

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Hot & Steamy Shower Sex! Getting clean while getting dirty can be the most fun you’ve ever had in your shower! Whether you’re on vacation, or learning some new moves from your own bathroom shower, shower sex can be truly amazing! For men and women alike, showering with your partner or alone can be extremely sensual and even erotic! On the other side of things, shower sex can also be a little dangerous and intimidating! You’re one slip away from catastrophe in any attempted position in the shower, so it is best to be prepared! Nonslip mats on the ground, and special sex in the shower products like grips and foot rests, can be added to give another level of safety during play. Experts say the best and safest sex-in-the-shower positions are rear entry, face-to-face with their one leg propped up (on the wall, or on their partner), or over the side of the tub if taking a bath. Be sure to use some lubrication because even in the water sensitive skin can be drier, and cause too much unpleasant friction in those sensitive areas. Using a silicone lubricant in the shower is best, and will keep everything slippery as can be! Water-based lubricants would simply get washed away in the shower or bath. Start your shower by washing your partner with a sponge or special vibrating loofah. Try to withhold the skin-on-skin contact, and build anticipation with the sponge. Take this time to massage, touch, and kiss before deciding on which position works best for you. Allow your bodies to mingle and slip together in many ways. If you’re alone, there’s no better time to self-discover and try out your new waterproof toys! Detachable shower massagers are also handy ways to provide extra stimulation, and make for very exciting foreplay! The shower is a great place to try new toys because the body is warmed and relaxed, and best of all- extremely clean! Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Focus on the total body stimulation as the hot water courses down your skin. Remember that it might not go exactly as you had envisioned, but it will be very worth all the trouble in the end! Slip sliding away…

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Resources Used: Shower Sex Tips

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