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What is Anal Training?

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What is Anal Training?

If you’re thinking about adding anal to your sexual toolbox, you’re about to uncover a world of fun and pleasure that you didn’t know existed. 

The world of anal pleasure is a vast one, but testing the waters slowly is key. 

Unlike the vagina, the anus is ‘meant’ to serve as an exit, so there is some prep work to be done to get the tight anal muscles ready to serve as an entrance, too. 

The answer: Anal training. 

Anal training is the process of getting your anus ready for anal penetration by a penis, a dildo, or a strap on. Unlike porn would make you believe, there is actually some time and effort involved in preparing the body for the most enjoyable anal play experience. 

In anal training, you get the muscles of your anus accustomed to penetration throughout a process of gradual introductions. If you’re new to anal play or haven’t done it in some time, anal training is the way to go. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Get your head in the game 

    You might notice that when you’re feeling tense, you clench your jaw and tighten your muscles. Tight muscles aren’t your friend when it comes to anal sex, so you want to be sure to relax. Whether you enlist the help of breathing exercises or something else that typically helps you release tension, you’re going to want to make sure your mind is on board. Educating yourself and communicating well with your partner (if you’re engaging in partner play) will help to ease any worries you may have, too. 

    • Start solo

      Getting to know your butthole is a good way to ease your mind when it comes to the mysteries of anal play. Start by slowly exploring the area with clean fingers while you’re in the shower. Lightly press along the outsides of your butthole as an introduction to the sensations you will feel. Maybe even slide a finger inside when you’re feeling ready! 

      • Bring toys and/or your partner into the mix

        When you’ve become comfortable with solo play, you’re ready to introduce toys and/or your partner into the mix! Start by using a small butt plug or one of our anal training kits. Using toys specifically desgined for anal use is crucial, as these toys tend to have a wide base that limits how deep they can go. If you’re feeling ready for it, allow your partner to play with your butthole with their finger. This is a great way to get yourself used to the sensations that come along with someone else controlling the depth and intensity. 

        • Gradually use larger toys

          As you become comfortable with small toys and a single finger, work up to the next level gradually. It’s okay if this is a slow process — your comfort is key and necessary to anal sex being enjoyable! 

          After you’ve done well with different sized toys, you’re ready to go in for the real thing, whether that’s a strap on or a penis. As with every other stage on this list, be sure to go slowly and use plenty of anal-safe lube. Remember that it’s not a race — it may take some time for you to enjoy it! Your training kit is always there if you need to back off or slow things down a bit! 

          When you’re ready to stock up on what you need for anal play, from lube to butt plugs, shop with us at Boudoir Noir. Visit one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville Indiana or shop our online boutique.

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