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Mix it Up With New Sex Positions

sex sex positions

Sex Positions

Do you and your partner tend to stick to the same two or three sex positions every time you hit the sheets?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that (practice makes perfect after all). But even if you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself in your favorite positions, it’s really fun to change it up a bit. Trying different positions can add a new spark to your sex life. Getting adventurous in the bedroom can also bring you and your partner closer together.

Here are five fun sex positions you and your partner can try. Note that while these positions are written with heterosexual, cisgender people in mind, they can all be slightly altered with the right accessories for couples of all genders.

Take Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl to the next level with a sex stool

Okay, so this may not be an unusual position for many people, but it will feel totally new with the addition of a sex stool! When the male partner is laying on his back, place the sex stool over his nether regions, with the stool’s legs on either side of his hips. The female sits on the hammock-like fabric to help take pressure off of her hips and thighs while she rides him, allowing him to get deeper and her to ride for longer. 

Try The Faceoff in every room of your home

This is a romantic position with a lot of eye contact. In this position, the male partner sits on the edge of the bed and the female partner is on top straddling him. She can wrap her legs tightly around his torso and pull herself as close to him as possible. Enjoy putting your hands all over each others’ bodies!

Take a few moments to imagine the possibilities! This one has potential in every room of your house. From the dining room chairs to the kitchen counter and everywhere in between, there isn’t a room that the Faceoff won’t work in.

Go airborne with sex swing

Have you ever tried to have sex while suspended in the air? If not, this should be added to your to-do list (pun intended). There are many positions to try with a sex swing, so this is more like a bonus answer that opens you up to infinte possibilities. 

Start off with the classic “stand and carry” sex position (as seen in The Notebook in that thunderstorm — steamy!). Oral sex can also be fantastic in a sex swing. Once you and your partner get more comfortable with it, get creative!

Think outside of the box with the Pirate’s Bounty 

This position might seem a little out of the ordinary, but a little bit of experimentation here is worth it! For this position, the woman lies on her back and the man kneels in front of her. She brings one leg up onto her partner’s shoulder and then wraps the other around his waist or thigh, utilizing that grip to pull him in. This position allows for great depth and clitoral stimulation. Plus, you’re both hands-free if the woman needs a bit of extra clitoral pressure. 

Literally ‘ramp’ up your favorites with a position pillow

Position pillows help you to achieve the perfect angles without having to strain, allowing you to fully enjoy all of the sensations you are feeling. Like a swing, there are many positions that one of these tools can help amplify. Pillows can even help to take missionary sex to a whole new level. 

Where do you put the pillow? Wherever you want! You can use the pillow to provide more support for different parts of your body or make it easier to get into positions that allow deeper penetration.

Whatever you do, get creative and have fun! 

Mix it Up with New Positions!



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