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Fetish Friday - Fetish 101

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Over the years, we always seem to see the stigma and judgment that still comes with the “odd” types of intimacy and pleasure. There are three main questions:

WHY do people fetish? What is fetish? What is the point of fetish if its end is a regular orgasm?

Any sort of “fetish” is often seen as weird, off, odd, wrong, and bad; when truthfully, it’s just the opposite. The basic definition of fetish is the unusual need or desire for something. Those “something's” can range from inanimate objects, body parts like toes and knees, or certain sexual fixations. People who practice sexual fetishes are usually very in tune with their own needs, wants, and likes.

The things is that everyone enjoys, reacts, and finds pleasure in all different ways. And things. And that’s all perfectly okay! Why do people practice in certain types of fetish? Really there are millions of reasons that could be given, but the truth comes down to it is just whatever a person likes that finds them the pleasure and calm they are seeking. Could it be a purely physical connection? Absolutely. Is it part of mental healing, a block, or something from the past? It very well could be. The way you orgasm is different from the way she orgasms; and different from the way he orgasms. This is just another level reminder that all humans have similar needs; but our wants and likes vary so, so much.

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