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Fetish Friday - Sensation Play - Tickling

Fetish Friday

Tickle, tickle, tickle! Did you know you can be intimately stimulated and feel a multitude of sensations through tickling sensation play? It’s true! You can! Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Tickling sensation play is part of a larger sensory play category dealing with the way things feel against the skin. We often discuss “touch sensation,” which covers the myriad of feelings that different textures and items can bring. The tickling aspects of play are often sensual and light, whereas, there are also other types of sensation play that are made to entice the rougher, and more taboo side.

Think of all of the places that you’re ticklish on your body. Your neck, sides, under your arms, behind your knees, inner thighs, feet, butt cheeks and maybe ever your elbows. Think of how it feels when your partner ever so softly caresses your most intimate parts… bringing on the best sort of warm, inviting tickle there is. Even if you’re not ticklish enough to break out in hysterical laughter, your body knows enough of soft, sensual touch to engage.

Combining tickling sensation play along with something simply like a blindfold can actually heighten your other senses not being blocked, thusly making the tickling even more intense! Tickling can be made more erotic and exciting by being bound, or binding your partner to restrict their ability to move. While restraints can add another layer of kink to your routine, taking away the ability to touch and freely move will indeed heighten your other senses as well.

There are many items that one can utilize to magnify the tickling effects on the body. These types of enhancers are best for those just beginning testing out their love for erotic laughter:

-Feather Ticklers
-Vibrating Massage Wands
-Restraints: hand cuffs, silk ties, bondage rope
-forks or kitchen utensils
-Wartenberg wheel
-tingling, warming, or cooling lubes, lotions, and massage oils

However you decide to start your tickle-fest, make sure you and your partner have discussed boundaries and safe words beforehand! This will help to ensure your bout of tickly pleasure lasts as long as you’d like!

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