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Fetish Friday - Sensation Play - Nipple Play

Fetish Friday

They're not just for nourishment. They pucker and contract when it's cold. All mammals have them. Some people like to stimulate them, pinch them, or tickle them. What are they? Nipples! Nipples can be one of the body's greatest erogenous zones, especially once you find a style of nipple play that best suits you! Not only that, but nipple play can and often does result in orgasm!

Beginning with the softer side of nipple play, one can master the art of massage and finger play with the nipples. This most often involves the gentle squeezing, pinching, or rolling of the nipples. Those just starting to toy with nipple play may also like to add things like a feather tickler in to their routine, or even a chain tickler. Paired with a blindfold, this type of sensual nipple play can be best in foreplay, or to take the participant the distance through their climax. Ice cubes and leather crops can also bring a new sensation to basic beginner nipple play.

Raising the play up a level, one would turn to nipple clamps next. There are a variety of styles of clamps, and any novice should be sure to start with an adjustable type. Adjustable clamps can be tightened and loosened at will, whereas set clamps are usually at one pressure, and can sometimes be pulled and teased with stronger pinches and pulls. Nipple clamps are made to be worn throughout foreplay and intercourse, being removed just before the moment of climax; the rush of blood flow makes the nerves react with excitement and waves of pleasure. If nipple clamps are still a bit too much, one can try biting. Biting, teeth grinding, and harder sucking can be great turn-ons for some during this kind of intimate play. Be sure to discuss with your partner beforehand so you know if it's safe to take a little nibble for later!

Level three of nipple play involves suction, vibration, and even electrodes! Suction cups for the nipples are used to pull blood into the nerves, and engorge the nipples causing them to swell with pleasure. The areolas often become smaller or larger, and change in color as climax draws near. Nipple vibrators come in a few styles, the most common being a soft silicone adjustable ring that gently circles the nipple while vibrating and stimulating the area. Nipple electrodes work with a unit that is similar to a TENS unit, and sends gentle (or hard) shocks to the area.

Whichever your style of nipple play, be sure to try something new! Give your body a chance to experience a new type of orgasm- solely derived from nipple play!

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