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How to Get Out of a Sex Slump

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How to get out of a sex slump

Sometimes, even the closest of partners end up in a sex slump. As much as you might not want work, family drama, or other outside factors to get in the way of your intimacy, we just typically don’t want to get busy when we’re stressed and exhausted. 

If you and your partner find yourself in a slump, don’t worry! Let’s talk about some ways you can get back on track.

Talk About It 

First off, as with resolving any conflict, it’s important to communicate. This is a delicate matter, so be sure to approach the conversation at a time when you are calm and easily able to empathize.

When you are alone with your partner and outside of the bedroom, a simple check in like, “I miss being intimate with you, is there anything I can do to help relieve your stress and make life easier for you right now?” might help.

Make sure your genuine care and concern are evident. As with any conversation, it’s important to make sure you’re focusing on your feelings and not phrasing things in a way that makes your partner feel attacked, as this is likely to cause them to retreat or fight back. 

Flirt With Your Partner

When couples have been together for a long time, flirting often falls to the wayside. Brush up on your flirting skills and learn some new techniques. Trying them out on your partner might help him or her feel special, connected, and sexy. Whether flirting leads to sex right away or takes some time to get you there, we’re willing to bet that you see positive results inside your relationship. 

Increase Non-Sexual Touching

Touch is important in releasing happiness hormones like oxytocin and building intimacy, especially if physical touch is your partner’s love language. Try holding your partner’s hand when you’re out running errands or sitting on the couch together.

Place your hand on his or her back when you’re walking next to one another or give a hug or a massage after a long day. Even cuddling in bed might have you craving more touching from one another in no time. 

Do Something New Together

Another great way to rekindle the flame is to do something new together. New experiences get your adrenaline pumping and the blood flowing, which might increase your endorphins. Experiencing something new together also creates a new bond between the two of you. The more connected you two feel, the more likely you are going to want to be intimate together. 

This can be traveling to a place you’ve never been for, checking out a thrill ride together, or planning to do something new in the bedroom. 

Connect With Your Partner Emotionally 

Bring your focus to connecting with your partner on an emotional level. Is your partner feeling overwhelmed or stressed out about something? Does your partner need more support or help from you, but hasn’t asked yet? Have a conversation with your partner and give him or her the space to be honest. Sometimes they may just need to vent and sometimes they may want advice or help. Simply being there for your partner could strengthen your bond.

You can also connect with each other by planning date nights to just focus on each other, or making time to have a conversation about something other than your day-to-day lives. Getting into a habit of connecting emotionally will bring you two closer together. Your emotional intimacy will likely lead to intimacy in bed as well. 

Watch A Sexy Movie Together

Another way to help get you and your partner in the mood is to watch a sexy movie together. Sometimes, increasing libido is as simple as getting out of the present moment and into a fantasy world. Seeing a hot sex scene unfold can be the spark you two need to get busy together.

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